TIV AND WESTERN WITCHCRAFT:Similarities and Effects

TIV AND WESTERN WITCHCRAFT: Similarities and Effects


The 21century turned into an generation the place the phrases of student like Thomas Hobbes at the nature of a state is an increasing number of changing into precious following the misuse of legislation, ethics and morals within the human society. This misuse of legislation, justice and morality generally tend others whom are privilege to be a few of the upper people with energy and knowledge to appear down on others and to find method, to finish their lifestyles both thru sacrifice or metaphysical forces to withhold their future.

This artwork may also be time period evil or wickedness which isn’t price practising in a given custom. In different to have lucid of data on some metaphysical ideas use within the Tiv custom, which might be associated with the western global, this paper is succinctly introduced some way that may lend a hand open the readers to new segment of data, because it take a look at the similarities of witchcraft between the Tiv and western global respectively. It explains some witchcraft ideas which might be normally utilization a few of the two other people.


The Tiv other people of Benue state are agrarian in nature. Some portions of her other people welcome the western instructing concerning the lifestyles of God, His son Jesus Christ and put the instructing into apply amongst them. Prior to the arrival of the church doctrine to the Tiv other people, lots of the personhood (the ones other people with the facility to look past the bodily) name on their gods or God whom they imagine is accountable and answerable to their drawback. A Doctor of philosophy within the Department of philosophy, Benue State University, Makurdi, additionally a lecturer in Federal University Laifa, Dr Kahaga Anjov regards the ones gods or God as Aondo u iyolko, and Aondo u abavejua respectively in his guide identify African philosophy within the 21 century.

TIV AND WESTERN WITCHCRAFT: Similarities and Effects

Though, the Tiv other people has greater than such gods or God, therefore the working out of the idea that of gods, is that which is able to reply for your name as fast as conceivable when you’re in pains or risk; for the gods or God is aware of what’s going to occur now and earlier than. Those who imagine within the energy of such gods or God welcomed them house for blessings and coverage.

By the method of welcoming the religious beings or forces house, some stand the risk of doing evil or wickedness, which is time period witchcraft. Those who generally tend to make use of it for circle of relatives coverage and farm yields have been considered Tsav. For they give protection to their households and farm land from any evil forces this is deliberate forward or coming to break their lives or farm product.

Don’t be misunderstood, Tsav merely involves knowledge to foresee. For example. you intend to harm me, and I do know and avert it, the act method Tsav therefore the proverbial announcing “Tsav ka vande yelen”. Meaning, Tsav is one that first concealed. It is excellent and delightful sufficient to mention that, the forefathers employ the gods greater than God as their supplier or protector, thus, I can relate a few of their gods (charms) to the western global which are noticed as medical discoveries, which in different phrases I regards it as witchcraft.

I at all times mirror in this ideas endless adjudging from the truth that, all of the global settle for the western global witchcraft and put it into apply and in some states or tribes the ones witchcraft are noticed as sarcastic and now not price practising. Even regardless that the apply remains to be soaring round, some other people see it as been naive why they undertake western witchcraft.

For example, a Tiv guy can assemble a non-public jet price of conveying 200 hundred other people to some other state and name it igigii mbatugh, which means magic aeroplane. The common opinion is that the aircraft is designed simply for many who trip spiritually.

TIV AND WESTERN WITCHCRAFT: Similarities and Effects

I come to take into account that, this aeroplane isn’t just for them, you’ll trip in a foreign country with it if you want, similar to the western do and that is the medical discovery of the Tiv other people relating to air transportation.

We shall believe some decided on metaphysical charms use a few of the two other people on day-to-day foundation, both for cover, riches, honour and energy.

Imbor Ivungu

The Imbor Ivungu is likely one of the lengthy present allure discovered a few of the Tiv other people. This allure is claimed to be capable to offering and protective the lives of humanity. No doubt concerning the stated energy of the allure, but it surely results is immeasurable. The proprietor of the Imbor Ivungu has to yearly sacrifice blood of family members to maintain the efficiency of the Imbor Ivungu.

This Imbor Ivungu on occasion is made or carve from picket in a trendy shape having a look like a ravishing younger lady or a toddler toy. The artifact is fortified with magical incantations. It takes blood to purify and sacrifice of beings to make it tough.
It is believed the Imbor Ivungu blinks eyes similar to people the place it’s secretly saved.

Relatedly, this allure may also be say to be equivalent to the occultic way of life of the western involvement or initiation which call for for human sacrifice for riches and energy. Besides that, lots of the westerns has this similar first establish allure as we will watch them of their motion pictures or wrestling.


This is some other broadly use allure a few of the Tiv other people. The Ikpagher isn’t just used a few of the Tiv other people of Benue state. It may also be stitch with an animal pores and skin or it may be incarnate on one thing else which the facility of the incarnation will at all times cross with it.

This allure on occasion may also be made for squaddies to keep in touch for themselves, and it’s name Zwa Ikegh. If they use it and name you other people within the bush, handiest the ones of you who’re participants of the gang can pay attention, although an enemy is inside.

Relatedly, the western revolution and civilisation which introduces mobile phone era, design to keep in touch with decided on individuals isn’t a long way from the Tiv witchcraft discovery.


It is likely one of the broadly practiced thought a few of the Tiv other people and some tribes as neatly. This allure may also be got at a lower price and it energy is very respected. It is locate simply to cover, similar to transcending within the metaphysical realm.

TIV AND WESTERN WITCHCRAFT: Similarities and Effects

This allure may also be associated with the idea that of quantum physics, the place some components may also be implemented that may take you within the metaphysical realm the place you grow to be invisible. The creation of quantum physics got here from the western global.


This is 2nd to the ultimate on my record to talk about. The Gber-kpu is likely one of the maximum used allure within the Tiv recent generation because of the lack of confidence and crises across the state (Nigeria). The Tiv other people price this allure to offer protection to themselves from invaders or any unplanned scenario one discovered himself with bullet or any destructive Ion.

The allure protects the customers from any metal weapon making him unpenetratable.
This allure could also be used within the western global the place one will grow to be mighty and tough to be maintaining bullet with naked palms and shouting Odeshi


Which is the ultimate thought to be mentioned on. As the identify implies, the Tiv other people download this drinkable allure simply to go back to existence after dying (reincarnation), and can are living with people. Sometimes, they go back for payback, and on occasion relocated to different places that aren’t recognized.

This allure is broadly use a few of the Nigerian tribes, and it’s gotten at low price. Relatedly, the western phrase apply this idea of witchcraft greater than any of the above discussed charms. People search energy to go back again to existence and are living with people, on occasion were given married with youngsters earlier than leaving the planet earth in spite of everything.

Conclusively, the Tiv people who find themselves stated to be colonised by way of the western global has some conventional and cultural powers that deal with their on a regular basis wishes earlier than the arrival of Christianity.

Even because the church take over, there are some portions of the state that apply the entire above discussed ideas until date. It isn’t to confuse concerning the western lives involvement into the normal imagine gadget, for it is a part of human nature which cannot be simply remoted or abolished and it’s excellent to notice that, the western global stocks witchcraft similarities between the Tiv other people as overview and elaborate above.

It is will subsequently be naïve for the Tiv country to desert the normal cultural apply’s in their forefathers.

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