Selina Tested – Ratata Day (Episode 31) (Mp4 Download)

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Enjoy the 31st episode to YouTube series, Selina Tested Reloaded tagged “Ratata Day” brought to you by Lightweight Entertainment.
Congratulations to the entire Crew Lightweight Entertainment. May God bless you all. This is the only movie that gives me JOY because the country has showed me a lot

watching this video brings JOY n happiness to me. Anytime anyone likes this comment I’ll come back and watch this video.

Synopsis: Could this be the END?… Diabolic powers has been born from a little misunderstanding from the street boys.

(1) Dera taking the risk of seeing Odogwu to let him know about Aboys plight in prison and talking some sense into him shows how much she loves her man as she doesn’t want anything or even a scratch on Aboy.

(2) Okinas’ keeping vigil, crying day and night, including embarking on a long journey just to see that Sibi gets back on his feets again shows how loyal he is, as a matter of fact he’s more or less like a brother to him.

(3) Seeing someone you’ve been longing to see nearly killing you in the name of being blood thirsty must’ve made Okinas feel that he made the greatest mistake in tryna help.
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(4) Sibi telling Nwokengborogwu about people not wanting him made him feel dejected to come back to life because those who killed him are those who tried taking his source of income as I could remember in one of the episodes where a tribesman of his was asking him to stop whatever fight he has with Chiboy but he refused by insisting on fighting him along with his friends. He was getting it from the upland while Chiboy was downland according to agreement but Chiboy crossed the carpet, nowonder he told priest never to mention him or his friends name wherever he is. I also wonder if his (Sibi) thirst for blood would ever quench.

(5) Odogwu tryna get others to help him with Aboys jailbreak shows he’s more than a brother and I’m also sure that if Aboy gets back what’s denied of him, he’d help Odogwu along with the rest out of holy ground.

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