Alaka Sesugh Gabriel
Alaka Sesugh Gabriel

The Article, Reflection On The Burden Faced By Women: A Case Study Among The Tiv Women Of Benue State, Nigeria Is Written By Alaka Sesugh Gabriel.

Alaka Sesugh Gabriel


By Prince Alaka Jnr.

Following the assumptions, folks make about girls regarding their behaviours whilst with their oldsters or of their husbands’ houses, a few of which can be drawn from conventional perceptions which might be extremely adverse to their dignity. These perceptions are, then again, drawn from the quite a lot of customs, cultures, and traditions of the tribes or ethnic teams in our nation Nigeria. Limiting girls on this regard, subsequently, poses an insufferable burden on them therefore the damaged homes and marriages now we have nowadays. In this paper, I be aware of the perceptions and stipulations of our pricey girls in Benue State, in particular the Tiv, and the conceivable techniques of curtailing this threat or what will also be considered molestation.

I Am certain most of the people who’re Tiv or non-Tiv will really feel agog to learn additional and eat the paintings for correct perception concerning the demanding situations or reports girls face. Thus, I shall make the paintings to not be abstruse however fluently for our figuring out; emphasizing the foregoing, no less than I will be able to try to contact up and down some details hidden which can be by way of the distinctive feature of equality, girls’s rights are noticed to play on, in a given democratic atmosphere. ( Society).


According to on-line analysis, WOMAN, FEMALE, AND LADY are nouns regarding an grownup feminine human being; one paradigm of gender and organic intercourse for grownup human beings. WOMAN is the overall time period. It is impartial, missing both favorable or adverse implications, and is probably the most recurrently used of the 3: a rich lady; a girl of sturdy personality, and a girl of unbridled appetites. In medical, statistical, and different goal makes use of, FEMALE is the impartial contrastive time period to MALE and might observe to vegetation and animals additionally: 104 ladies to each 100 men. Among lions, the feminine is the manager hunter.

FEMALE is occasionally utilized in disparaging contexts: a gossipy feminine; a conniving feminine. LADY which means “refined polite woman” is a time period of approval or reward: an actual woman in all issues; to act like a woman. When used as a type of cope with, LADY could also be well mannered or impartial in tone: Ladies, did you listen concerning the new brunch menu with bottomless mimosas? However, within the singular shape, it’s incessantly perceived as impolite: Hey, woman, I don’t have all day.

Having tried the which means of the idea that of lady, to a few it may well be absurd on account of the presentation, even though it’s no longer appalling let’s step at the stone the place we will have a crystal transparent definition and analysis of the phrase lady, as a result of is most effective after we elaborate on it with cogent and shiny issues that, we will be able to stand the risk to speak about the demanding situations they face.


Women are axiomatic or universally considered or assumed to be a dwelling human creatures with the power or probability to mom some other being both male or feminine unintentionally and twist of fate.

Following this philosophical complete view about the idea that ( which means) of lady as assessed by way of a tender thinker prince Alaka Sesugh Jnr., girls are the ones feminine beings having the ability to give existence to a brand new creature (mothering); this procedure involves two methodologies, via God or what I view as synthetic insemination.

By this little research, we will be able to practice that girls are the ones feminine genders whose moral sense and a spotlight are centered at the youngsters of the ones whom they are living below.

Women are positioned virtually in every single place the sector, and maximum of them have the similar empirical iota of data throughout all of the states (nations), thus I read about their burden with analysis a number of the Tiv girls of Benue state of Nigeria.

The blessed Tiv girls of Benue state of Nigeria are amongst the ones girls who face some demanding situations on this planet. The Tiv girls are probably the most loving, worrying, non violent, and powerful feminine gender around the state (Country).

These are the people who find themselves extensively married and calm down all over the world. Only a couple of households reject additional marriage, some permit it and pass with their cultural apparel for identity, identified by way of their conventional marks or get dressed with a weaved colored dress referred to as Anger (in Tiv), a glittery two color dress weaved with black and white industry.

With the love, maximum were given from their patriarch to husband, some lunatics and insane forks who by no means greet with a Tiv lady in existence, time period to view them as girls who don’t possess any precious iota of data; so, they will have to be disqualified some alternatives, this depraved act is observe on girls within the heart belt or even around the nations.

Tiv girls of heart belt deal with fellow human beings respectfully and luckily, They see their husbands’ brothers and buddies certainly like brothers to their husbands which defines human equality. Thus, am proud and tempted to show the hidden truth that awards me a feminist thinker.

It is relatively obtrusive and definitely that almost all girls within the heart belt face some burdens around the geo-political zones in Benue state which appear to make a few of them turn out to be child mamas and that is relatively domiciled internationally.


Below are some decided on burdens girls enjoy;

  • Lack of figuring out
  • Seeing them as the issue to their luck
  • Immaturity
  • Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Amounting all on them
  • The burden of fertility and supply

Women, as previous recognized, will flip our understandings or our entire perspectives of them right into a hocus-pocus and a state of befuddlement and bewilderment if we proceed seeing them unvalued. Only if we light up our minds and shun gender bias we will be able to stay our figuring out and deal with our girls completely and provides them consideration, agree with, care, and after-care to satiate our take a look at. Explanation of the above-mentioned issues will lend a hand reveal us to the truth of the load confronted by way of girls.


A lady is more likely to face this burden in her oldsters’ or husband’s space and this may emerge as a super lacuna between her and the folks.

Most households don’t perceive the way of living in their daughters or girls thus, they verify no matter assumption they made about them as honest.

This is as a result of, they don’t know how maximum occasions girls do attempt and plan to are living a excellent existence and with such hope, they at all times really feel inspired when households have that behind their minds and say excellent prayers to them than accepting falsehood considered them.


This level right here appears to be a debating level for dialogue, additionally, I shall contact extensively on it for simple intake.

I may just take into accout one excellent enthralling and ho-hum citation that, at the back of each a hit guy there’s a lady. This citation carries a excellent representation that captures virtually all of the entire which means of my rationalization. However, most of the people’s presumptions stay in a mistaken state, some see it in a destructive point of view that girls are the reason for their unsuccessful existence.

Women generally tend to stand such issues of their houses as abuse or bewitchments and maximum occasions, the fogeys or husbands stay the explanations for his or her unsuccessful lives as they pass on mismanaging sources to assert personhood in a given family.


This is without doubt one of the burdens confronted by way of Tiv girls within the heart belt. They face this burden of immaturity when the individual’s love isn’t almost appearing mature.

In maximum houses, the leaders of a given lady in a Tiv environment behave immaturely. This immaturity will also be noticed even in a meeting as the fogeys or husbands act like a kid by way of commenting unnecessarily and leaving the surroundings ahead of a last determination. Most families use the possibility of oldsters or husbands who pressure them by way of their immaturity to promote some farm produce or necessary space pieces like land.

Such act depresses girls and grasp their minds on perpetual pondering, as a result of as a robust and brave lady, she faces all circle of relatives issues on my own since her husband has an immaturity thoughts, and so she repeatedly displays at the disgrace and demanding situations her husband places her into most commonly each seconds.


Some folks assert that girls are probably the most clever however at a loss for words set of gender. According to them, they’re sensible, clever, worrying and loving, however can’t stay to it for lengthy.

It is noticed that girls need the most productive from whom they love or they’ll stick with for existence. Thus, they be expecting one of these nice guy in their center to be responsible and at all times able for obligations.

In a scenario the place such anticipated remarkable issues are to be uneasy to come back via, most girls face extra burdens of their households than the pinnacle which isn’t honest; as a result of, obligations are for each therefore they’ve agreed to are living a unmarried frame to battle for his or her not unusual lives.


This is without doubt one of the maximum essential issues which might be so attention-grabbing to speak about on this paper. Most of the Tiv girls can attest up to now and award it nice marks because it’s one in every of their same old burdens.

Most folks quantity all on their girls like provision of garments and meals for the family and being accountable for home issues, kitchen, and prayers for the circle of relatives. Shifting these types of to ladies turns into a super burden confronted by way of them, no longer simply within the heart belt, in particular the Tiv girls however universally understood.

It is universally permitted that girls are helpers of fellows, however on this case, I’m tempted to mention, some males are helpers of ladies; at the floor that, a girl faces extra demanding situations in a given house than the person, all is fixed on her, after farm she fetches firewood with a toddler strap on her again, she prepare dinner, serve and boil water for the person to tub, and if her husband goes again to farm within the night once more, she follows; which if prohibit to males, most effective few will permit themselves to be phase and parcel of it.


Birth which is known as bringing one into existence turns into a significant burden confronted by way of girls by way of their husbands. Most folks fail to recognize the truth that the shortcoming of fertility in girls is maximum every now and then no longer from them, however the husband’s incompetence both on account of non secular association or sickness.

It units my thoughts in a state of continuing mirrored image on how folks fail to permit civilization to rule their minds as a result of in the event that they do, they’re going to no longer beat or motive their girls; they’re going to remember the fact that for a lady to have discovered it tough in conceiving generally is a drawback from one or either one of them and reason why to search for clinical consideration to get to the bottom of the rationale(s) at the back of it than frustrating her all-time which every now and then she develops schizophrenia.

This factor of fertility or conception is confronted by way of girls virtually around the cosmos, some ship again house their treasured other halves on account of it and take house some other spouse. Fertility isn’t a unmarried accountability, it’s at all times a factor of pleasure in girls to look the fruit in their womb bouncing in wholesome standing. Women do really feel painful, sardonically, aggressively, or even chaotic if married inside a 12 months however with no kid; she has no peace of thoughts, despite the fact that she smiles round with folks. This involves a super burden confronted by way of the virtuous Tiv girls within the heart belt and around the globe.


Women as a result of they’re understood as helpers of fellows, or dwelling creatures in a position to mothering different beings unintentionally or twist of fate in spite of their large alternative in human existence, are regarded down on by way of some folks scornfully and unvalued.

This is the misperception most of the people have which they prohibit to the truth that naturally a girl is created to be so. Thus, such an assumption has damaged some connections between some girls and households therefore it signifies what I name gender bias.

©Alaka Sesugh Gabriel
Philosophy division
Benue state University, Makurdi

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