Rapizo Songs

Rapizo Songs

In Nigeria, Rapizo songs are very popular, particularly in the middle belt. The quickly rising Benue singer has developed his skill and keeps giving us back-to-back music hits.

Rapizo Songs

If you want to download Rapizo songs, you may find all of his music on Benuevibes.

Nyam Luke Lubem, also known as Rapizo, is a gifted dancer, singer, and songwriter from the Gwer West local government area of Benue State.

He is one of the most well-known musicians from Benue. noted for promoting TIV indigenous culture with his folk, afro pop, and r&b-influenced musical style.

Here are Rapizo songs below;

Rapizo songs 2022

Rapizo 2021

  • Tar Taver


  • Peace Education
  • Tsav Ft. Ava

Unity Album 2020

  1. Spirit
  2. Eledumare
  3. Life
  4. Be Patient Ft. Shadrach & Bravo D
  5. Kpomurege
  6. Shina Peller
  7. Don’t Underrate
  8. Wankyor
  9. Could This Be Love (Feat. Lady Pesh)
  10. Mva Iyol Yam
  11. Woman’s Right
  12. London Boy
  13. Add Jora
  14. We Want No War
  15. Why Feat. Vocals from OreoloOluwa Lawal
  16. Or ne
  17. Wase Nen Ior

2019 Songs

  • Life
  • Kwagh Er Ve
  • Sing and Praise
  • Mough Nen Sha
  • One Day
  • Can’t Buy Love
  • Tsembele (Feat. Ava)
  • God No Be Man (Feat. OD Woods)
  • Ahumbe

2017 Songs

  • Kilamity

2014 Songs

  • Immortal Rapizo

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