JJ DeBusta Biography, Tribe, State, Songs, and Instagram

JJ DeBusta's biography
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Read everything you need to know about JJ DeBusta’s biography, tribe, state, age, songs, and Instagram handle.

JJ DeBusta Profile

Full Name:Joseph Mlahaga
Instagram Name:iam_jjdebusta
Date of Birth:4th, September 1998
Age:24 years
State of Origin:Benue
Tribe:TIV, Middle Belt (Benue)
JJ DeBusta's biography
JJ DeBusta photo

JJ DeBusta Biography

JJDeBusta (born Joseph Mlahaga) is an artist, lyricist, and entertainer from Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State.

He was brought into the world on the fourth of September 1998 into a group of three and is the only male offspring of Mlahaga.

JJ DeBusta Early Life

JjDeBusta began his primary education at St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Jabi, Abuja after his parents moved to get comfortable in Abuja the federal capital tertiary of Nigeria.

He later got back to Benue along with his parents where he proceeded with his secondary school education at Royal Academy Secondary School, Katsina-Ala, and later graduated at Anglican Secondary School, Gboko.

JJ DeBusta's biography
JJ DeBusta photo from Facebook

Jj DeBusta’s Music Career

JJ DeBusta began his music career at an early age right away when he got back to Benue with his parents. At 10 years, he was fortunate to meet with the late MC Cedar (Otherwise known as Radio Jato Aka), a then-famous Benue joke artist who taught him how to dance and put him on his entertainment platform known as Katsina-Ala Talented Singers, (KATS).

The entertainment platform grew into a major entertainment firm, and the name was changed to Evagrin Entertainment, which featured artists such as Busta Boogie, Codex, Double J, Dreks, and many others.

Busta made some extreme memories of going to shows and occasions due to his parents who wouldn’t permit him since he was a minor.

He later passed on Katsina-Ala to settle with his mum at Gboko. Things turned out to be more challenging for him and he needed to begin anew. However, he keep on going to school shows and talent hunts which made him a bit well known.

After graduation, Busta met Tiza, a relation who was into entertainment. along with Tiza, they began a team called, Magic Eagle Entertainment. They welcomed kids from the hood and started step by step, making like 3 to 4 shows and that was when JJ Debusta stood out in Gboko.

He got his first memorable record deal with Castle Black Music Empire, (CBMM) which shoot forward his melodic career, and till now he is perceived as Gboko’s best craftsmanship.

JJDebusta Songs

Since then, he has released numerous songs, including ‘Ss3’, ‘Governor,’ ‘Gboko,’ ‘Makurdi Girls,’ ‘Avoid Me,’ ‘Bravado,’ ‘I Can’t Wait,’ and ‘Good life,’ to name a few, and has collaborated with popular Benue artists such as Rapizo, Young Korzy, Egyptian, Real Zeek, and others.

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