Anongu Data ‘Tribute to Deborah Samuel’ (Download Music Mp3)

Anongu Data 'Tribute to Deborah Samuel'
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Benue musician Anongu Data has released a tribute song in respect to the death of Deborah Samuel Yakubu.

Anongu Data 'Tribute to Deborah Samuel'
Anongu Data ‘Tribute to Deborah Samuel’

Deborah was a second-year Christian college student, who was killed by Muslim students in Sokoto, after being accused of blasphemy.

Anongu Data is the current music director of Benue state Art and culture. He has through his tribute song for Deborah passed a powerful message to all Christians.

The three star music general feel sardonic and sarcastic about the killing of a Christian faithful, Deborah Samuel who was reportedly killed by Muslim believer in Sokoto, Nigeria.

Data in his song express concern about how Muslims are treating Christian bad which the government has continued to keep quiet about it.

Download and enjoy yourself with this powerful song.

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